Proceed with World-Service

Work makes you
Work will be for you
Do what you can do and improve your skills
We will create an environment where you can work on your work with full power

Pioneer my path
We consult with colleagues and clients everyday to make a better environment
You will be able to pioneer the future beyond what you anticipate

World-Service service

Information technology

Support creation, management and operation of homepage, acquisition management of proprietary domain, etc. as well as introduction of latest technology in information technology world which becomes complicated
It covers all digital related technologies such as system construction, security management, database construction, customer management, mobile correspondence, application creation

Legal risk management

Preliminary knowledge on the local legal risk is necessary to be active in the world
Through preliminary surveys we can reduce the legal risk of your business


We are advisors and coaches as well
We can assume the difficulty you face as well as the difficulty you can wait after solving it and can lead to the best result

Human resources

Adoption is an important element indispensable for your business growth
Particularly in overseas expansion, local employment is necessary, and it is also necessary to consider differences in customs etc.
We can do what we need, from recruitment to education that takes them into account

Your life is your own
Everyone is working hard
But few people enjoy the life from the bottom of my heart
Everyone has an obligation to enjoy life
Through work you must love your family, love your neighbors, love the area, feel happy on a daily basis, and enjoy your life
We believe that you can do it and promise that we will surely achieve it

World-service target industry

We are dedicated to studying every day so that we can deal with industries in all sectors
In particular, regarding the contents listed below, experience is also a good thing



/ Retail
/ Deployment Deployment
/ New business support
/ Import and sale of brand items
/ Media related business
/ Health related
/ Finance related

As you work, you will be required to deal with difficult aspects
At that time I realize that I am blessed with the best colleagues and the best mentor
You can prepare such an environment simply by working from day to day and honing skills

Company Profile

Company name: World Service Inc.

Headquarters: 〒 110 - 0015
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TEL: +813-5816-1200

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Representative Director: Kenji Toyota

Major banks: Mizuho Bank

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